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Custom courses & personal guiding

Alps & Scandinavia

Get personal guiding and customize your itinerary with your group of friends. Maybe you have a desire for a ski-trip you want to do or special idea of course structure and content.

You can also let me decide what I think will suit you as a group.

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Offpist & freeride guiding

We are happy to guide you in most parts of the alps during the winter. However I have my base in Engelberg. Engelberg is perfect for freeride skiing and good base for day trips to nearby ski resorts such as Andermatt, Sörenberg and Distentis among many others ski-resorts.

Ski-tour guiding

Depending on the group wishes and ambition there’s many places to choose between for great ski-touring and ski-mountaineering. The Backcountry terrain in and around the mountains of central Switzerland is off course our favorite during the colder month’s of the winter-season (December-Mars). In spring we travel to most parts of the alps. Here are some suggested ski-tours:

  • Berner Oberland, 6 day tour
  • Monte Rosa, 6 day tour
  • Silvretta, 6 day tour
  • Grand Paradiso, 6 day tour
  • Best of Chamonix, minimum 3 days

Course program and content

We design customized courses that fits your level, wishes and ambitions. Don’t hesitate to make a request about what you want to progress in. We are happy to discuss the content of the course with you. Here are some suggestions of courses and content:

Ski-touring for beginners course content:

For skiers that want to learn and prepare themselves for multi-day tours we offer 1-2 days intro days with ski-touring equipment. We choose an easy pleasant ski-tour for training purpose and nice experience. Among other things, the course contains:

  • How to move energy efficient on ski-touring equipment, kick-turns, pace, choice of right clothing etc.
  • How to manage steep terrain and ski in different types of snow conditions.
  • Avalanche knowledge. How to avoid avalanche danger area. How to use transceiver, probe and shovel efficient.

Example advanced ski-touring course content

The course allows the skier to move safely on glaciers and in steeper alpine environment. The participant will learn to make safe choices and judgments on the mountain in terms of tour planning, glacier travel, navigation, routing-finding, and avalanches. Among other things, the course contains:

  • Equipment: Examination of special equipment such as harness, ropes and crampons and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of equipment, etc.
  • Training with equipment: How do you get past the crux and passages with the help of a harness, rope, ice-axe and crampons?
  • Offpist technic: How to ski steep terrain in different snow conditions etc.
  • Tour planning: Time management, risk analysis and risk assessment etc.
  • Glacier knowledge: Route finding, glacier travel and glacier rescue.
  • Navigation: How to navigate with map and compass in dense fog?
  • Avalanche knowledge: How to avoid avalanche danger area, efficiently search and rescue with transceiver, probe and shovel.
Avalanche course content

For skiers who want to have theoretical and practical knowledge of avalanches and use of safety equipment. The course aims to increase the understanding of the underlying factors that make avalanches occur and how skiers can minimize their risk exposure and risk assessments. During the course, much focus will be placed on studying the snow layer, decision making and use of the transceiver and probe. The course also contains a lot of skiing in back-country environment and the guide will take you beyond the ski-patrol area. The course will teach participants the phenomenon of avalanches. Furthermore, the course will provide knowledge of how to make safe choices in the steeper alpine environment with respect to the terrain and avalanche danger. Among other things, the course include:

  • General avalanche knowledge: What is an avalanche, how does it occur?
  • Equipment: Review of transceiver, shovel, probe and the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of brands etc.
  • Rescue: Efficiently and quickly use with the transceiver. Tactics and cooperation. Effectively use the shovel and probe.
  • Snow knowledge: Assessment of avalanche danger along the analysis of the different layers in the snow.
  • Terrain choice: How do you get the best snow safe as possible?

We are happy to arrange customized guided tours and courses all days during the week from December until late May.

Please make a request about what, when and where and we will get back to you soon!

Level required

Beginners to expert skiers

Guide/Client ratio



1-7days in Engelberg. Outside Engelberg, minimum 4days.




The skier needs a travel and accident insurance for the implementation of this activity.

Price season 2023

1-2pax 760CHF/day
3-4pax 840CHF/day
5pax 920CHF/day
6pax 1000CHF/day
Overnight stay in hut 1200CHF/day


Expenses for the guide is not included in the daily fee(lifts, travel costs, lodging etc.) Trips and courses with travel days have their own pricing.

Guide fee is depending on
  • Type of activity and where
  • Course seriousness and difficulty
  • Course length (day tour or bivinights included)
  • If going alone or in a bigger group
  • If booking a single day or several days
  • High season or low season

The price is based on the recommended daily fee by the Swiss Bergführerverband, SBV.

Safety equipment

Tranceiver, shovel and probe is obligatory for all offpist activities. Airbag rucksack is highly recommended.

Technical equipment

For some ski-tours we will need ice-axe, crampons, harness and glacial safety equipment.


In most places in the alps you can rent freeride skis and ski-touring equipment. Please let me know if you need to rent any safety equipment or/and technical equipment.

Ski-touring equipment
  • Skis, skins, ski-crampons, poles, ski-touring boots
  • Transceiver, probe, showel
  • Crampons, harness, ice-axe
Other equipment
  • Backpack 35-40 liters
  • Headlamp
  • Warm hat & sunhat
  • Warm jacket
  • Underlayer, mid layer, extra socks
  • Jacket (wind and waterproof)

  • Trousers (wind and waterproof)
  • Thin and warm gloves
  • Ski-googles and sunglasses
  • Water bottle 1 liter
  • Thermos
  • Snacks, Bars
  • Blister kit & painkillers: Including Compeed blister plasters and elastoplast or similar
  • Sunscreen
  • Earplugs: If you sleep together in the dormitory at the mountain station and there is a lot of movement.
  • Sleeping sheet for the huts