Jakob Edholm

Personal training

Alps & Scandinavia

My training is based on scientific foundation and many years of proven experience as a professional athlete. I believe in continuity, specificity and quality. There are no shortcuts to success.

My coach philosophy is open minded, situational and changeable. To achieve goals we train hard but we also have fun during the developement process and I aim to convey a life-long relationship with the sport.

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Training plan process

I use a model of five steps to give my clients tailored training programs.

Step 1 – Interview and background description.

This is the the first step to your training plan. We meet in person, for example in the context of  a mountain activity and discuss your background, lifestyle/living routins and training experience. We also discuss ambitions and goals.

Step 2 – Requirements analysis

I analyze key requirements for your goal. It might be strength, endurance or mobility. It can also be other physical/mental/environmental key factors or special technical skills such as ice-climbing and rock-climbing skills.

Step 3 – Capacity analysis

In this step I design a physical test. The design of this test is based on the intervju, the objectives and the requirements analysis. The test result is your current capacity. We can perform the tests in connection to a mountain activity or in a test center.

Step 4 – Differential profil

In this step I look for the key factors that you have to work on. The differential profil is based on the requirements analysis and the capacity analysis.

Step 5 – Training plan

I design a customized training plan based on the previous four steps.

Training plan & structure

The program is design according to your wishes, requirement analysis and capacity analysis. The program consist a general plan (Macro cycle) which is divided into smaller parts (Meso cycle) and weekly program (Micro cycle).

The training programs are always well described with clear objectives. You can choose between 4weeks to 8month programs.

Group Training

For groups with same objective I can arrange weekend training camps.


I can meet for intervju all year around.

Don’t hesitate to send me a request and feel free to ask a question ifs needed.




Max 1:1 or up to 6clients for group training.


4weeks up to 8month


All year around


The client needs a travel and accident insurance for the implementation of this activity.


650 CHF/person for one full day training or mountain activity + intervju.
For extended programs please contact us for further information.


Expenses for the guide is not included in the daily fee(lifts, travel costs, lodging etc.).

Guide fee is depending on
  • Type of activity and where
  • Course seriousness and difficulty
  • Course length (day tour or bivinights included)
  • If going alone or in a bigger group
  • If booking a single day or several days
  • High season or low season


Depending on activity.