Steep skiing


Chamonix is the place to be if you want explore your limits in steeper terrain.

Take the next step from regular ski-touring, learn more about steep terrain and progress your skiing and alpine climbing skills.

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The dream line

I can help you fulfill your ambitions. Together we discuss a program that suits your profile. Safety first, over time there is no limit of what we ski together.

Steep skiing & ski-mountaineering camps

For bigger groups who wants to learn more about back-country skiing and want to take the next step from regular ski-touring we arrange steep skiing & ski-mountaineering camps.

Example course content

The course allows the skier to move safely on the glacier and in the steeper alpine environment. The participant will learn to make safe choices and judgments on the mountain in terms of tour planning, glacier travel, navigation, routing-finding, and avalanches. Among other things, the course contains:

  • Equipment: Review of special equipment such as harness, ropes and crampons and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of equipment, etc.
  • Training with equipment: How do you get past crux with the help of a harness, rope, ice-axe and crampons? (rappelling, snow, rock and ice anchors)
  • Steep ice and snow climbing. Rope management.
  • Tour planning: Time planning, risk analysis and risk assessment.
  • Glacier knowledge: Route finding, glacier travel and glacier rescue.
  • Navigation: How to navigate with map and compass in dense fog?
  • Avalanche knowledge: How to avoid avalanche danger area, efficiently search and rescue with transceiver, probe and shovel.

This course can also be arranged in autumn or early pre-season for serious skiers that want to prepare for upcoming ski-season. Tentatively in or around Engelberg.

The best period for steep skiing and ski-mountaineering is in later spring from middle of April to middle of May. For pre-season camps and training days in or around Engelberg we arrange this course from September until December.

This activity has no fixed dates. Please make a request about this activity and we will get back to you soon!

Level required

Expert skiers

Guide/Client ratio

1:1 or 1:2 For training and courses up to 4clients per guide.


Minimum 3days.




The skier needs a travel and accident insurance for the implementation of this activity.


From 650CHF per day. Please contact us for further information.


Expenses for the guide is not included in the daily fee(lifts, travel costs, lodging etc.)
The price is based on the recommended daily fee by the Swiss Bergführerverband, SBV.

Guide fee depends on
  • Type of activity and where
  • Course seriousness and difficulty
  • Course length (day tour or bivinights included)
  • If going alone or in a bigger group
  • If booking a single day or several days
  • High season or low season

Safety equipment

Tranceiver, shovel and probe is obligatory for all offpist activities. Airbag rucksack is also highly recommended.

Technical equipment

We will need ice-axe, crampons, harness and glacial safety equipment for this activity.


Please let me know if you need to rent any safety equipment or/and technical equipment.